June Special Items

June special items are available now!

Father’s Day Feature;
Frozen Wild Salmon for BBQ.
$20.00+taxes   *Limited quantities.
1/2 Fillet (boneless/skinless)

June Platter
$50.00 + taxes. 52pcs.
Perfect for Summer events; Father’s Day, CFL, Graduation etc.

comes with;
-Spring Roll
1.Mango California Roll (8pcs)
2.Ginger Beef Roll(5pcs)
3.Spicy Salmon Cuke Roll (8pcs)
4.Tempura Salmon Cuke Roll(5pcs)
5.Spinach & Cuke Roll (8pcs)
6.Cooked Ginger Tuna Bakudan Roll (8pcs)
7.Dynamite Roll(5pcs)
8.Garden & Egg Omelet Roll (5pcs) ;
cuke, carrot, shiitake mushroom, avo and egg omelet with teriyaki sauce & mayo

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