Our December special platter is out now!!!

Hey wait a minute! How about throwing party in your house instead of in our Restaurant??
We have exciting December special platters for those willing to party in house!
Please find below super neat platters


TRADITIONAL PLATTER(for 2-3 people): $35+taxes TAKE OUT ONLY
* Futomaki rolls x5pcs
* Cucumber rolls x6pcs
* Takuwan rolls x6pcs
* Tuna rolls x3pcs
* Spicy Tuna rollsi x3pcs
* Salmon rolls x3pcs
* Spicy salmon rolls x3pcs
* Tuna nigiris x2pcs
* Salmon nigiris x2pcs
* Home made Egg omelet nigiri x1pc
* Red snapper nigiri x1pc
* Bean Curd nigiris x2pcs
* Cooked Shrimp nigiri x1pc
* Smoked Salmon nigiri x1pc

写真photo-2HOLIDAY PLATTER(Comes with sushi platter and tempura platter as below. for 4-5 people): $80.00+taxes TAKE OUT ONLY
* Edamame
* Shrimp tempuras x8pcs
* Spring rolls x8pcs
* Yam tempuras x4pcs
* Takoyakis x6pcs

*Popeye Tuna rolls x8pcs
*Popeye Salmon rolls x8pcs
*Tuna Bakudan rolls x4pcs
*Salmon Bakudan rolls x4pcs
*Sweet Tuna Bakudan rolls x4pcs
*Sweet Salmon Bakudan rolls x4pcs
*California rolls x8pcs
*Cuke carrot & cheese rolls x8pcs
*Spicy Crab rolls x8pcs
*Chicken Katsu rolls x5pcs
*Philadelphia rolls x5pcs

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