Setsubun Festival in Japan

Tomorrow (February the 3rd) is Setsubun day in Japan.
Setsubun means “The lunar New Year” in Japanese.
So what we do in that day?
We have 2 events. First, it s so called “Mamemaki”. We throw a bunch of soy beans inside and outside of house saying “Oni wa soto, Fuku wa uchi (Ogre out! Good luck in!) to let the bad aura out and good aura in. Japan is very spiritual like that.
Second event is so exciting and you can also do with us! It is called “Ehoumaki” Ehoumaki is special sushi roll. You simply take a big bite into the Sushi but you SHOULD follow below rules.
2. Look towards certain direction (It is west-southwest this year)
3. Once you took a bite, finish eating it in silence.

Below a Canadian girl in Japan is explaining about Ehoumaki. Please take your time and take a look.

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