Happy September Platter

We are sorry that we could not announce any special Platter for last month.
We will introduce you, the monthly platter for September a little early. (but it is starting from Sep1st).
Make sure you still have enough time for some partying with this platter during this back-to-school/work season!

Happy September Platter(Take-out only) with $50.00 plus tax
For 4-5people
This platter comes with;
-Sweet California(4pcs) & Spicy California(4pcs)
-Avo Salmon(4pcs)& Avo Tuna roll(4pcs)
-Sweet Chili Creamy Dynamite roll(5pcs)
-Chicken Katsu roll (5pcs)
-Spicy Cuke Scallops roll(8pcs)
-Delax Dynamite roll (5pcs)
-Mango Banana& Avo roll(8pcs)
-Tuna Cuke(4pcs)& Salmon Cuke Bakudan(4pcs)
-Cuke& cheese with smoked salmon roll (8pcs)

※To ensure prompt service, please make reservations and pre order platters.

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