December Complete Party Meal ($90+taxes)

We are almost at the end of the year. Everyone is busy working, studying and/or achieving 2015 resolutions. We assume that the last thing you would want to do is to be planning meals last minute for parties that you are holding so we made this special party meal to ease your stress! This is a perfect opportunity to try variety of our quality Rolls, Appetizers and Sashimi for at home parties! This December Complete Party Meal includes two different platters; Sushi Platter, and Sashimi and A la carte, which in total is a $100 value ($50 per platter and you can order these platters individually as well). You can save $10 with the purchase of this meal! 

December Complete Party Meal ($90+taxes)


This Party meal comes with;

○Sushi Platter
–  Super King Roll (8pcs)
2 dynamite with Tuna, Salmon and Scallops
–  Panko Creamy California (8pcs)
–  Sweet Chili Chicken Katsu Roll (5pcs)
–  Carrot and Spinach Roll (8pcs)
–  Sweet Tuna Bakudan Roll (4pcs)
–  Sweet Salmon Bakudan Roll (4pcs)
–  Spicy Salmon Bakudan Roll (4pcs)
–  Spicy Tuna Bakudan Roll (4pcs)
–  Tempura Yam Roll Caterpillar style (6pcs)
–  Spicy Furomaki (6pcs)
tempura crab, avo, cuke and fish eggs

Sashimi & A la carte Platter
(choice from Assorted Sashimi or Tuna(3pcs) and  Salmon(3pcs) Sashimi
[Appetizer Platter]
–   Shrimp Tempura (4pcs)
–   Yam Tempura (4pcs)
–   Agedashi Tofu (6pcs)
–   Spring Roll (6pcs)
–   Takoyaki (6pcs)
–   Yakitori (3pcs)
–   Edamame
–   White rice (up to 4 servings)
–   Miso Soup (up to 4 servings)

kithcen platter

Please enjoy this platter and have a blast with your families/friends!

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