Happy Mother’s Day

Have you pre-booked your table at Sushi Duruma for Mothers Day? Sushi Daruma is now accepting reservations, please call (204)415-1011 and book your table as soon as possible and treat someone special to our wild salmon sashimi while quantities last.
We also take pre-orders for Mother’s Day to pick-up.

Business Hours
Friday, May 9th : 11:30-10:00pm
Saturday, May 10th : 11:30am-9:00pm
Sunday, May 11th : 4:00pm-9:00pm

Mother’s Day Feature
Wild Salmon Sashimi (20pcs) for $25.00.
It will be available from Friday, May 9th to Sunday, May 11th.

Party Platters

New Items


New items!!

Please visit Sushi Daruma and enjoy tasty new items 🙂

A. Panko-breaded Scallops(6pcs) $12.00
B. Butterfly Roll(8pcs) $11.50
C. Spicy Ginger Beef Sushi Pizza $9.95
D. Original Ginger Beef Sushi Pizza $8.95
E. Cheesy Chicken Katsu Roll(5pcs) $5.75
F. Ginger Tuna Handroll(2pcs) $5.75  Cooked Ginger Tuna Bakudan Roll (6pcs)
G. Sweet Chilli Creamy Dynamite Roll(5pcs) $5.45
H. Shiitake Banana Roll(6pcs) $4.50

しょうちゅう (Shōchū) noun. Refreshment



Sushi Daruma is proud to be the first restaurant in Winnipeg to offer chū-hai cocktails – mixed drinks made with authentic Japanese shōchū, an incredibly smooth and low-calorie spirit. Come in today to enjoy an iced tea-hai, Coke-hai, or green tea-hai with some delicious sushi.

Shōchū is a Japanese alcoholic beverage distilled from barley. Its smooth, easy-to-drink flavour, coupled with its low calorie count, has made it one of the most popular drinks in Japan. Like sake, it can be enjoyed either hot or cold. Try one of our cold chū-hai cocktails for instant refreshment, or have a hot green tea-hai to finish off your meal.