Chef’s Choice Hoso-maki Combo

This special offer is only for you checking our website/SNS!
Chef’s Choice Hoso-maki Combo is now available 🙂

Chef's choice Hoso-maki Combo

Chef’s choice Hoso-maki Combo

*comes with Chef’s choice of Hoso-maki(24pcs) and Miso Soup.
*available any time during our business hours.

October Specials

Homemade Pumpkin Chiffon Cake $3.95+taxes

Taiyaki (1pc) $3.50+taxes

Yakitori (3pcs) $6.00+taxes

October Special Platter $45.00+taxes (TAKEOUT ONLY)
1. Tuna Nigiri (2pcs)
2. Salmon Nigiri (2pcs)
3. Homemade Egg Omelet Nigiri (2pcs)
4. Pumpkin Nigiri(2pcs)
5. Creamy Pumpkin Roll (8pcs)
6. California Roll (8pcs)
7. Spicy Crab Roll (8pcs)
8. Spicy Pumpkin Cuke Roll (8pcs)
9. Seafood Futomaki (5pcs)
10. Chicken Katsu Roll (5pcs)
11. Dynamite Roll (5pcs)

Homemade Pumpkin Chiffon Cake $3.95+taxes

Homemade Pumpkin Chiffon Cake $3.95+taxes

October Special Platter

October Special Platter $45.00+taxes

August Specials


Folklorama is one of the most exciting summer event in Winnipeg.
To celebrate, we would like to offer Taste of Japan Platter for take-out, and Festival Meal for dine-in.

Enjoy our Specials.

August Specials will be available from Tuesday, August 5th to Sunday, August 31st.
See details below 🙂

Taste of Japan

Taste of Japan $30.00 + taxes

Festival Meal

Festival Meal $9.00 + taxes

Taste of Japan Platter $30.00 + taxes
*take-out ONLY
-Salmon Nigiri (2pcs)
-Tuna Nigiri (2pcs)
-Home Made Egg Omelet Nigiri (2pcs)
-Bean Curd(Inari) (2pcs)
-California Roll (8pcs)
-Cucumber Roll (8pcs)
-Dynamite Roll (5pcs)
-Spicy Tuna Hand Roll (2pcs)
-Spicy Salmon Hand Roll (2pcs)
-Shiitake Mushroom Roll (1pc)
-Japanese Pickled Radish (Takuan) on side

Festival Meal $9.00 + taxes
*dine-in ONLY
-Miso Soup
-Tuna Nigiri (1pc)
-Salmon Nigiri (1pc)
-Cucumber Roll (6pcs)
-Home Made Egg Omelet and Japanese Pickled Radish (Takuan) on side
-Takoyaki (3pcs)

July Special

Canada Day Platter  $30.00 + taxes (Take-out only)
Available on July 1st ONLY!
We are open on Canada day from 4:00pm to 9:00pm.

July Platter $30.00 + taxes (Take-out only)
Perfect for YAM LOVER!
Available from July 1st.


July Platter-$30.00

See details below 🙂
*To ensure prompt service, please make reservations and pre order party platters.

Canada Day Platter  $30.00 + taxes
comes with;
1.California Roll (8pcs)
2.Cucumber Roll (8pcs)
3. Vege Bakudan Roll;spinach (8pcs)
4.Chicken Katsu Roll (5pcs)
5.Dynamite Roll (5pcs)
6.Tuna Nigiri (4pcs)
7.Salmon Nigiri(4pcs)
8.Red Snapper Nigiri (1pc)
9.Smoked Salmon Nigiri (1pc)

July Platter $30.00 + taxes
comes with;
1.Yummy Yammy Caterpillar Roll (8pcs)
2.Yam, Avo & Cuke Roll (5pcs)
3.Creamy Yam Roll (8pcs)
4.Bana-Yam Roll (5pcs)
5.Spicy Yam Mango Roll (5pcs)
6.Yam Tempura (4slices) with Tempura sauce

June Special Items

June special items are available now!

Father’s Day Feature;
Frozen Wild Salmon for BBQ.
$20.00+taxes   *Limited quantities.
1/2 Fillet (boneless/skinless)

June Platter
$50.00 + taxes. 52pcs.
Perfect for Summer events; Father’s Day, CFL, Graduation etc.

comes with;
-Spring Roll
1.Mango California Roll (8pcs)
2.Ginger Beef Roll(5pcs)
3.Spicy Salmon Cuke Roll (8pcs)
4.Tempura Salmon Cuke Roll(5pcs)
5.Spinach & Cuke Roll (8pcs)
6.Cooked Ginger Tuna Bakudan Roll (8pcs)
7.Dynamite Roll(5pcs)
8.Garden & Egg Omelet Roll (5pcs) ;
cuke, carrot, shiitake mushroom, avo and egg omelet with teriyaki sauce & mayo

Happy Mother’s Day

Have you pre-booked your table at Sushi Duruma for Mothers Day? Sushi Daruma is now accepting reservations, please call (204)415-1011 and book your table as soon as possible and treat someone special to our wild salmon sashimi while quantities last.
We also take pre-orders for Mother’s Day to pick-up.

Business Hours
Friday, May 9th : 11:30-10:00pm
Saturday, May 10th : 11:30am-9:00pm
Sunday, May 11th : 4:00pm-9:00pm

Mother’s Day Feature
Wild Salmon Sashimi (20pcs) for $25.00.
It will be available from Friday, May 9th to Sunday, May 11th.

Party Platters

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