Specialty Roll

[No.] ; vegetarian items 

108. Dave’s Super Friday Roll (6pcs) ——$12.25
Chopped scallop, sweet shrimp and avocado with mayo & teriyaki sauce
on tuna & salmon roll

109. Ocean King Roll (8pcs) ——$15.50
Four pieces of deep fried scallops in a roll topped with three slices of salmon and tuna with mayo, teriyaki sauce and golden fish eggs

110. Chopped Scallop Roll (6pcs) ——$6.00
Chopped scallop, red fish eggs, golden fish eggs & mayo

111. Chopped Surf Clam Roll (6pcs) ——$6.00
Chopped surf clam, red fish eggs, golden fish eggs & mayo

112. Yakisoba Roll (5pcs) ——$7.50
Yakisoba, smoked salmon, cream cheese, lettuce, hot sauce, mayo & tonkatsu sauce

113. Kaminari Roll (5pcs) ——$8.00 
Crabmeat, tempura bits, cooked shrimp, cucumber, hot sauce & mayo

114. Futomaki (5pcs) ——$8.00
Crabmeat, kanpyo, cucumber, egg omelet, shiitake mushroom, denpu, takuan & mayo

115. Seafood Futomaki (5pcs) ——$9.50
Red fish eggs, tuna, salmon, sweet shrimp, crabmeat, scallop, lettuce & mayo

[116.] Butterfly Roll (8pcs) ——$11.75 
Banana, avocado with mango sauce on a tempura yam roll

117. Caterpillar Roll (8pcs) ——$12.00
Avocado, mayo, red fish eggs & teriyaki sauce wrapped on your choice of :
eel, salmon or tuna roll with cucumber

118. Typhoon Eye Roll (6pcs) ——$12.25
Salmon, cream cheese, carrot and ginger inside a roll, breaded with panko, deep fried and then topped with chopped scallops, golden fish eggs and mayo

119. Angel Roll (8pcs) ——$12.00
Avocado, tuna & goma-ae sauce wrapped on spicy crab roll

120. Super Dragon Roll (8pcs) ——$12.75 
Salmon, cooked shrimp & teriyaki sauce wrapped on a dynamite roll

122. Rainbow Roll (8pcs) ——$13.25
Seven slices of raw fish & teriyaki sauce wrapped on a California roll

[123.] Yummy Yammy Caterpillar Roll (8pcs) ——$11.75
Avocado, mayo, teriyaki sauce & shredded carrot on a tempura yam roll

[124.] Crazy Yam Roll (8pcs) ——$7.75
Tempura yam in a roll topped with more yam and avocado marinated with mayo & teriyaki sauce, drizzled with sweet chilli sauce

125. Maple Triple Salmon II (6pcs) ——$8.25
Cucumber and cream cheese in a roll topped with smoked salmon, salmon, deep fried salmon and avocado, drizzled with teriyaki & maple syrup