Party Platter(take-out)

Monthly Special/Platter

*for 4-5 people.
1 : Nigiri & Roll Platter $50.00


(total:58pcs –1Speciality Roll/8pcs Nigiri/42pcs Roll)

2 : Assorted Roll Platter $50.00


(total:70pcs –1Speciality Roll/12pcs Maki/50pcs Roll)

3 : Veggie Roll Platter $40.00
(total:65pcs –1Specialty Roll/4pcs Nigiri/53pcs Roll)

4 : Tempura Platter $35.00


5: Gluten Free Platter $50.00

(total:49pcs + 2 hand rolls)

Details are below.

γ€€1 : Nigiri & Roll Platter $50.00γ€€

(total:58pcs –1Speciality Roll/8pcs Nigiri/42pcs Roll)

1.Caterpillar Roll (8pcs)

2.Tuna Nigiri (2pcs)

3.Salmon Nigiri (2pcs)

4.Cooked Shrimp Nigiri (2pcs)

5.Smoked Salmon Nigiri (1pcs)

6.Red Snapper Nigiri (1pcs)

7.California Roll (8pcs)

8.Spicy Crab Roll (8pcs)

9.Cuke & Carrot Roll (8pcs)

10.Cuke & Cheese Roll (8pcs)

11.Dynamite Roll (5pcs)

12.Tempura Yam Roll (5pcs)

2 : Assorted Roll Platter $50.00
(total:70pcs –1Speciality Roll/12pcs Maki/50pcs Roll)

1.Super Dragon Roll (8pcs)

2.Tuna & Spicy Tuna Maki (6pcs)

3.Smoked Salmon Maki (6pcs)

4.California Roll (8pcs)

5.Spicy Crab Roll (8pcs)

6.Cucumber Roll (8pcs)

7.Cuke & Carrot Roll (8pcs)

8.Tempura Spicy Crab Roll (8pcs)

9.Creamy Yam Roll (5pcs)

10.Chicken Katsu Roll (5pcs)

3 : Veggie Roll P latter $40.00

(total:65pcs –1Specialty Roll/4pcs Nigiri/53pcs Roll)

1.Yummy Yammy Caterpillar Roll (8pcs)

2.Egg Omelet Nigiri (2pcs)

3.Bean Curd (2pcs)

4.Avo & Cuku Roll (8pcs)

5.C uke & Cheese Roll (8pcs)

6.Cuke & Carrot Roll (8pcs)

7.Shiitake Mushroom Roll (8pcs)

8.Kanpyo & Cuke Roll (8pcs)

9.Popeye & Cuke Roll (8pcs)

10.Tempura Yam Roll (5pcs)

4 : Tempura Platter $30.00

1.Spring Roll (8pcs)

2.Shrimp Tempura (8pcs)

3.Chicken Katsu (9-12pcs)

4.Yam & Pumpkin Tempura (8pcs)

γ€€5: Gluten Free Platter $50.00

(total:49pcs + 2 hand rolls)

1.California Roll with Mango Sauce (8pcs)

2.Avo Tuna with Mayo Roll (8pcs)

3.Avo Salmon with Mayo Roll (4pcs)

4.Spinach & Cheese Roll with Sweet Chili Sauce (8pcs)

5.Cuke & Carrot Caterpillar Style with Spicy Mayo (8pcs)

6.Spicy Salmon Maki (6pcs)

7.Cooked Shrimp & Cuke Roll with Spicy Mayo (8pcs)

8. Philidephia with Avocado Roll (5pcs)

9. Tuna Cuke Hand Roll (1pc)

10. Salmon Cuke Hand Roll (1pc)

Term of condition for takeout order

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